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Line 2

(This line has been found and the prize claimed. But you can still hunt it for fun if you like.)

To hunt this line of the poem you will need: a GPS (you might have one on your phone) or a very good map.

Clue 2

This puzzle is a geocache. Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to seek containers (called “geocaches” or “caches”).

This cache is a small waterproof box containing a logbook and a line from the poem.

This geocache is of the type that would normally be described as a multicache. A set of waypoints (co-ordinates) will lead you around some of the cemeteries of Edinburgh finding information about poets buried there. Once you have collected all the information, you will be able to work out the final location of the hidden cache containing a line from Elizabeth’s poem.

To follow this trail, download the full instructions. You will probably want to print them out.

The PDF has been updated with brand new, correct-this-time WGS84 coordinates 🙂

Download it, print it, and start wandering the city bagging numbers. Once you have the final coordinates all worked out, get there, find the box and the line of poetry, and get it to the Scottish Poetry Library as fast as you can…



1. Gemma - February 10, 2010

Your coordinates are REALLY off…

2. huntthepoem - February 11, 2010

Yep – we’re sorry about that.

Our receiver was setup to use a UK specific set of map datum, whereas most receivers (and all geocachers) use WGS84 off-the-shelf.

The PDF above is still useable up to a point – all of the info that you are asked to find will still be useful – but it might be a bit trickier to track down some of the specific graves etc, and obviously the final equation will be wrong.

We can’t apologise enough for this oversight, but rest assured we’ll be fixing it as soon as we can.

We should be able to provide a revised final equation tonight, and a fully revised PDF by Saturday 13th…

In order to sweeten the apology, we’ll add a small prize or two to the final cache in addition to the line of poetry. The first to find the cache gets to keep the extras 🙂

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