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Line 9

To hunt this line of the poem you will need: determination, focus, perhaps a willingness to share.

Clue 9




1. thalamus - February 17, 2010

aha – i think I can See a pattern in the numBers Now 🙂

2. chrisdonia - February 18, 2010

But which repository??

3. alchambers - February 22, 2010

OK I will show willingness to share.

I went to the Newington Library and I think word two is “second”, and word eight is “first”.

thalamus - February 24, 2010

googlebooks says that word 3 is ‘not’…

4. Martin Ramsay - February 25, 2010

Drew a blank at Stockbridge library. When I enquired, the librarian told me that the second item had no lending history which is a bit odd. Does this mean that a trip to National Library is in order?

huntthepoem - February 25, 2010

It is very possible to complete this challenge without going to the National Library. Providing you do not suffer a catalogue of disasters.

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