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The Poem

Elizabeth Galbraith was the last holder of a poem which was passed down the generations, from mother to daughter.

All we know at this stage is that her lost poem has twelve lines. If you are the first to recover one of the lines, take it to the Scottish Poetry Library, where you will receive information about your prize and you’ll see the line go up in the library window.

Well done, poem hunters! All the lost lines have been found!

These are the lines and the loves o my life, My birth by the Water o Leith running slow; First kiss wi a man wi blood on his knife; First love near the bones o a poet laid low; Wed in the Trinity Kirk, afore it came down; Raised bairns in the shade o the speaking house; All grown to be healthy, all but my son; Then my guid sailor man died, in foreign lands; My second not as kind as my first; Squire of the slums with a jailor's hands; So carry my poem, lass, carry it on; Write the lines o your ain life, for now i am done

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