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A valuable poem has been lost and its twelve lines scattered throughout Edinburgh. We need your help to put it back together.

Clues to the lines’ locations are appearing all throughout February on this site. You can join in by solving a riddle, tracking down postcards, puzzling out a cryptic message or even taking photos. Eventually there will be twelve different challenges in total to recover the lost lines of the poem. There is a prize for each line. The first person to bring any unsolved line safely to the Poetry Library will win a prize!

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Hunt The Poem is a treasure hunt taking place in Edinburgh during February 2010, as part of the City of Literature project Carry a Poem.

One family’s greatest secret — a poem passed down through the generations — has been lost and the pieces scattered throughout Edinburgh. We need you to find the missing lines of the poem and bring them to the Poetry Library in the Canongate, where they can be looked after and kept safe for future generations.

If you want to do your research first, read about the last owner of the poem, Elizabeth Galbraith.