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Line 8

(This line has been found and the prize claimed. But you can still hunt it for fun if you like.)

To hunt this line of the poem you will need: concentration, and to get out and about.

Clue 8

Part 1

Can you find a poet’s name from this riddle? When you do, use the name as a password (no spaces, all lower case) to get part 2 of this clue.

So for instance, if you thought the poet was Ron Butlin, you would try ronbutlin.

Whilst the innocent drowned
Those would burn, guilty found
Upon the hill I defended

Once clear to play on
I turned to poison
And my stench it is said now offended

My burden laid bare
Dried out, and not fair
Til’ my use once again turned to leisure

Still. My name they would say
Ne’er to quite fade away
Like a word not to lose but to treasure

Now he that you seek
Poet’s crown on his peak
Sits within my domain facing northward

He looks out to the Firth
Amid those perched, his girth
Ne’er exceeds castle ramparts or namesake

Think you’ve solved it? Try your password.



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