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Tick Tock February 17, 2010

Posted by huntthepoem in clue.

It’s been a great week for Hunt The Poem so far. Seven lines have been safely returned to the Poetry Library. But now we hear two lines are in danger of being lost forever.

Line 12 is one of the easiest challenges; all you need to do is send an email about a poem you particularly like. Of course it’s not quite that simple — what could that mention of courage be about? — but it’s easy to get started. The bad news is, if you don’t start this challenge in the next couple of days, you will never find line 12.

Also Line 1 is still out there somewhere. It’s surely the key to understanding Elizabeth’s poem, yet nobody can seem to find it. We hear one family got very close but missed an important clue.

Maybe this will help — an eagle-eyed hunter spotted it in last week’s copy of The List:

I SAW YOU hunting the poem. I left a message for Rab at the elephant house.

The only other thing we’ve heard about Line 1 is “Gavin doesn’t like to go to Nicolson Street.” Does this mean anything to you?



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