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The Face of Elizabeth? February 24, 2010

Posted by huntthepoem in clue.

We have been delighted at each and every discovery of a line from Elizabeth’s poem. But we did not expect what arrived at Hunt The Poem HQ today.

The downturn in the economy has closed many small businesses around the city. One poem hunter — who wants to remain nameless, for reasons which will become obvious — has been clearing an office in Tollcross which was, in happier times, a photographer’s studio. In one of the cupboards she discovered a box of prints marked UNCOLLECTED, and on a impulse slipped them into her bag to save them from the sheriff’s officers.

When she looked through them at home, among the many sombre family groups and devotional portraits she discovered a familiar name: Elizabeth Galbraith. The dates do seem to correspond to what we know of Elizabeth’s lifespan.

Could this be a photograph of Elizabeth, the last one to carry this particular poem?



1. Martin Ramsay - February 25, 2010

She does look suitably demure and decorous; as one would expect from a lady of her standing.

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