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Haunted February 26, 2010

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Last night was very strange. It was a sleepless night for each of the Hunt The Poem team. There was nothing any of us could put our finger on but … we couldn’t seem to settle.

The recovered words of Elizabeth’s poem have been coming back to us at strange times: when we’re walking at night; snatches on the radio; in the middle of other texts. We’ve found ourselves trailing off in the middle of random conversations, distracted by a word or a phrase. I think we’ve all been asked, with some irritation, “When will you be finished with this Hunt The Poem thing?”

Then this morning, this turns up in the mailbox:


Approaching the End February 25, 2010

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Hunt The Poem officially closes this Saturday, February 27th. Will Line 1 or Line 12 be recovered in time?

Don’t worry, because you are invited to the closing event and prizegiving at the Poetry Library on Saturday, 3pm–5pm. Come along, bring your friends, drink our free wine and juice, meet the other hunters and, at last, the Hunt The Poem team. We will answer your questions on the challenges and — hopefully — assemble Elizabeth’s poem at long last.

Hope to see you there!

Closing In February 19, 2010

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It seems that not much slows down you poetry hunters. Despite our postbox being literally destroyed, we’re getting communications from distant places about Line 10. And there seems to be some group effort brewing on Line 1 and Line 9.

Remember that tomorrow is the Hunt The Poem meetup and poetry reading. Hope you can make it to the Poetry Library at 5pm. You’ll be tired after a hard afternoon’s hunting so we’ll spring for a cup of tea and some biccies. Get there on time because the library throws us out at 6.30pm!

Hunt The Poem Meetup February 16, 2010

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It’s been two weeks now and here at Hunt The Poem HQ we’ve enjoyed hearing about your individual exploits — you’ve been turning the city upside down looking for the missing lines of the poem.

We thought you would like a chance to get together so we’ve arranged a meetup on Saturday 20th. It will run 5pm–6.30pm in the Poetry Library and you’re invited.

To get you in the mood, there will be a short poetry reading first and then time to meet your fellow hunters.